College Counseling FAQ

When should we start planning for college?

Ideally, no later than a student’s junior year, though the courses a student takes during the 11th grade are selected in the spring of the sophomore year.  We encourage families, particularly if considering selective schools, to contact us before choosing classes; a student’s junior year is often the last full year of grades an admission office sees before making an admission decision, and as a result is the most important year on a student’s transcript.  With that said, we are prepared to begin the college search or application process at any point in a student’s career.

How can an educational consultant help my student?

We work with each student and family through the college search, admission, and financial aid processes to reduce anxiety and find the best college or university fit for your student and family.  Through professional experience in college admission offices and by taking the time to get to know a student and their particular strengths and needs, we provide accessible, informative counseling designed to offer each student multiple opportunities for enrollment.

What qualifications and professional memberships does your consultant hold?

As stated above, our consultant possesses years of experience in college admissions and educational consulting.  He is also a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), a national organization of more than 500 consultants that holds him to high ethical and professional standards, as well as the Southern Association of College Admission Counseling (SACAC).  He is also a Career Development Facilitator (CDF) and spends approximately 20% of his time visiting college and university campuses and seeking other professional development.

What assessment tools do you use to tailor your services to my student’s strengths, personality, and goals?

Our consultant possesses years of experience in evaluating transcripts, test results, and other pieces of a student’s application for both admission and scholarships, including at highly selective institutions.  In addition, we use a variety of personality and interest/career inventory resources to help us and the student better understand themselves.

Can we have an initial conversation before deciding on college counseling?

Of course!  We encourage anyone considering our college counseling services to contact Rob Welborn at or 864.590.5899.  During that conversation he can answer any questions you might have, describe the range and variety of services we offer, and learn a little more about your student.  At that point, families are invited to set up an initial meeting during which we will conduct an in-depth interview with the student and family.

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