In-School Seminars

SC Test Prep is convinced that partnerships with schools and districts are one of the most effective means we have for expanding the reach of our services.  As a result, we provide In-School Seminars focusing on the ACT, PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT, appropriate for students at any level of achievement, 7th-12th grades.

In a single day, or approximately 7 class hours, students are taught the structure and scoring of each test, as well as strategies specific to each subject and question type.  Students are also taught appropriate test taking psychology, including practical tips to overcome test anxiety.  Each seminar also includes authentic timed practice sections, as well as instruction on how students can evaluate their own scores, increasing the effectiveness of individual practice after the seminar.


Through these methods, we are proud to say that in one school day, we improve students’ scores by an average of 85 combined points.


To schedule a seminar, contact us via phone or email.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with your students.

I don't know if you remember me or not, but I was at the Broome High School SAT Workshop. I was the one who wanted to get a perfect score on the Math section. Well, I got it! I feel like your class really helped me understand the test better. I was pretty confident with getting a perfect score on math, but I felt like you really helped me with the reading section. My math went from 740 to 800 and my reading from 590 to 600, making my composite go from 1330 to 1460! Once again, thanks."