Individual Tutoring

Our family’s biggest concern was with the SAT testing. SC Test Prep gave Grant tools, information and confidence to achieve a higher score after the tutoring sessions.

SC Test Prep recognizes that the class setting of our 6-Week Courses and In-School Seminars are not ideal for all students.  In response, we also offer Individual Tutoring, either as an addition to our 6-Week Course or as stand-alone test preparation.  


Either format allows for increased rapport with the student, providing our trained tutors the opportunity to respond to specific reasoning patterns and test-taking habits.  This personalized attention results in remarkable score improvement, with students reporting increases of 220, 290, and 320 combined points on the SAT.

Like all of our services, Individual Tutoring is designed to be effective and affordable, while also offering increased flexibility to students and families.  Single sessions, ideal for score consultations after the test date, can be added to our 6-Week Course for $200, while 5-session packages are available either independently or as an addition to a Course for $1000.

To schedule an initial session, or for more information, contact Operations Manager Kathy Pool at or 864-266-0786.