Blogging through the Admissions Cycle

SC Test Prep

Welcome to the start of another academic year! Students are back in school, football teams are playing both at the high school and college levels, and the weather is getting cooler…well, maybe not quite that last one, but eventually! Most importantly, with the beginning of another school year, another group of seniors, juniors, and their parents will be thinking about college admission and scholarships and their concern will intensify with the approach of application deadlines and decision letters.

As always, SC Test Prep and the Spartanburg Community Indicators Project want to help! Last Spring, I wrote a series of posts providing helpful and timely advice to students and parents going through the college search and admission processes. We touched on standardized tests, financial aid, extracurricular involvement, and an explanation of the actual evaluation an application goes through once it reaches an admission office. This year, we will offer more: more posts, more information, and more voices providing insight and counsel for college search, admissions, and financial aid.

SC Test Prep, SCIP, and our community partners will be “Blogging through the Admissions Cycle.” Throughout the year, we will provide detailed posts regarding how to find the college or university that is right for you or your student as well as how to maximize admission potential and opportunities for scholarship consideration. I will cover topics ranging from how to best prepare for and use a college fair, Early Action vs. Early Decision, scholarship applications, and much more. Even better, admission counselors from Spartanburg-area schools will write guest posts to address questions and concerns specific to their particular institutions.

This will be a real-time how-to guide on college admissions and scholarships, based on the events, deadlines, and dates most important to Spartanburg students and their families. Topics will be covered as they become important. For example, our blog on college fairs will be posted the week before most Spartanburg students have the opportunity to attend the yearly college fair at Memorial Auditorium. As a result, if you are a parent or student going through this process with us and have a question, check the blog. Likely, we will have covered it recently or will be doing so soon. If we don’t, you’re probably not the only student, parent, or family with that same concern, so reach out to me at and we will try to add it to the schedule and address the issue.

In the next post, I will cover extracurricular involvement and why it is important for students, particularly seniors, to get involved as soon as possible. Add us to your RSS feed or follow us on Twitter & Facebook!