Student Success Stories

The best part of our jobs is the positive feedback we receive from parents and students. In fact, with so many encouraging stories to choose from, the difficulty is deciding which to share!


That’s why as our first student profile, we decided to tell you about not one, but two of our most recent students: Jake and Sam Brown.  Twins and students at Byrnes High School, Jake and Sam also attend The Scholars Academy for Spartanburg County Schools at USC-Upstate.  Both participated in our 1-day seminar held at the Academy this past September.  


Before taking the seminar, Jake’s combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score was a 1180; afterwards, he improved to a 1320.  Sam’s original combined score was an 1140; after our seminar, it rose to a 1290.  Total score improvements of 140 and 150 points!


Sam and Jake’s new scores significantly increase their options for college admission and merit-based financial aid.  A combined SAT score of 1200 meets the minimum standardized test scores necessary for the South Carolina Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, worth between $6,700 and $10,000 per year at any four-year institution in the state.


Through in-school seminars we provide hundreds of students and families each year with quality, affordable ACT and SAT preparation.  If you would like to be a part of the difference we are making in students’ lives, make a contribution today.

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"I really enjoyed the SC Test prep instruction. It was upbeat and inspiring. Your advice on effective test taking gave me the skills and confidence to do my best." -Sam

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"Thank you so much for helping me understand how to do my best on the SAT!"-Jake

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Meet two more of our former students, Cheyenne Gwinn and Patricia Orozco.  Cheyenne and Patricia were both members of the Citizen Scholars program, an initiative of The Spartanburg County Foundation designed for students who exhibit both academic potential and a strong desire to further their education.


For the past three years, SC Test Prep has partnered with the Citizen Scholars to provide SAT, ACT, and PSAT preparation, as well as college counseling to individual students.  This partnership has contributed to over 70 percent of Scholars graduates being currently enrolled in a college or university, and to success stories like Cheyenne’s and Patricia’s.


Cheyenne is currently a freshman at the University of Kentucky, while Patricia is a sophomore and Bonner Scholar at Wofford College, where she is studying biology and pre-medicine.  After medical school, she plans to return home to serve the Hispanic community in Spartanburg.  Both are the first members of their families to attend college.


Partnerships with other nonprofit initiatives like the Citizen Scholars are a critical piece of SC Test Prep’s work and mission, allowing us to provide hundreds of additional students and families with our services each year.  As we enter the season of giving, please consider a gift of the $500 necessary for a half-day ACT/SAT seminar, or the $150 needed for an admissions and financial aid workshop for students and parents.

At SC Test Prep we believe that all students should have the ability to choose where they want to attend college.  That’s why, whether by improving test scores or editing application essays, through our services we increase the number of options available to clients.  We want them to be able to decide, together with their families, the best fit for them academically, professionally, and financially.
Grant Page was able to make that decision.  As a junior in Spartanburg High School’s class of 2015, Grant took advantage of both our 6-week SAT class and college counseling service.  Together, we raised his test scores and narrowed his list of schools down to four where he would be competitive for both admission and financial aid: Clemson, Coastal Carolina University, Winthrop, and Wofford. 
He was accepted and received financial aid offers from all four!  After considering his options, Grant chose Wofford, deciding that their small class sizes and generous aid package would put him in the best position to succeed later in life.  He is now a freshman and considering their Teacher Education Program, with the goal of becoming a high school history teacher.
Please help us provide more students with the same opportunity of choice as Grant.  Every $495 we receive provides a scholarship to a 6-week course or makes college counseling more affordable for middle-class families.  Consider a contribution today.

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"We feel the information and counseling we received from Rob Welborn was money well spent. His insight into the process and helping Grant with his applications were invaluable. Grant applied to four institutions (Clemson, Coastal Carolina, Winthrop, Wofford), and he was accepted to them all. Mr. Welborn's expertise concerning how an institution such as Wofford distributes their funds was instrumental in helping us prepare for the financial obligation required for our son's education."-Tom Page

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Each year SC Test Prep creates new educational opportunities for hundreds of students, many of whom would not have the chance at a college or university education otherwise.  Equally important though is our work ensuring that those students already planning on college attendance reach their greatest potential.


One such student is Kara Dowling. While attending Spartanburg High School, Kara received both SAT prep and college counseling through SC Test Prep.  After our 6-week SAT course, Kara achieved multiple perfect Math scores on the test. With her scores she was chosen as a National Merit Finalist.  She graduated as the valedictorian of her class and was the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships. Kara plans to attend Princeton on a Naval ROTC Scholarship. 


Kara is certainly one of our state’s best and brightest, but she is not the only student of her caliber that SC Test Prep has served.  This year she is joined by a second National Merit Semifinalist, as well as two additional students seeking nomination to one of our nation’s five service academies.


Providing these leaders of tomorrow with the assistance they need to achieve their goals today is vital not just to SC Test Prep’s mission, but to the ongoing health of our state and communities.  Please consider making an investment in our collective future with a gift to SC Test Prep!