Parent Testimonials

"Our family’s biggest concern was with the SAT testing. SC Test Prep gave Grant tools, information and confidence to achieve a higher score after the tutoring sessions. We feel the information and counseling we received from Rob Welborn was money well spent. His insight into the process and helping Grant with his applications were invaluable. Grant applied to four institutions (Clemson, Coastal Carolina, Winthrop, Wofford), and he was accepted to all. Lastly, Mr. Welborn's expertise concerning how an institution such as Wofford distributes their funds was instrumental in helping us prepare for the financial obligation required for our son's education."


- Tom 

"When I heard Anna scream from her room at 6:30 this morning, I thought something was terribly wrong. Thankfully, it was a shout for joy as she found out she went from a 960 to an 1100 on her SAT. Thanks for giving her the confidence to go into a testing situation and come out with a respectable score. She may or may not take it again, but it does give her more choices for college admission. I had already recommended your class to several people before we knew Anna's outcome, but now I can do it with renewed confidence."


- Richard & Lisa

"Austin scored 510 on reading, 510 on math, and a 530 on writing. After your course, he score a 580 on reading, a 610 on math, and a 640 on writing. So, Austin had a big increase...I have recommended your Class to many people."


- Jan

"Our daughter Faith took your class in the fall of 2011...At that point she did not test well, and prior to taking your class her SAT score was 1140...She took it a year later in the fall of 2012 and raised her score to a 1340."


- Elizabeth

"Abbey called me excited again about your SAT session.  She believes in herself and feels like the pressure is off.  She now knows she can do this...I know she'll go into the test on Saturday with confidence and a relaxed attitude" 


- Jo Ann

Student Testimonials

"My first SAT score was an 1140 (580 reading 560 math). After taking this class, and applying the methods Mr. Smith taught me, I was able to pull my SAT score up 300 points after taking it twice! I now have a 1440 (680 reading 760 math)."


Thanks Mr. Smith!


- Wilson

"The first time I took the SAT [I] scored 680 in reading, 650 in math, and 660 in writing. After your class, I scored 670 in reading, 760 in math, and 730 in writing. My math and reading combined scores went up by 100 points after your class. I am very happy with these scores and I think the techniques you taught really helped me achieve them. Thank you so much!"


- Anjali

"Hey Mr. Smith I wanted to let you know that I made a 1200 on the SAT and thank you so much for helping me with that! I really appreciate everything you did. My lowest reading score was a 500 and after your class I made a 570. My lowest math score was a 480 and after your class I made a 630. I have got to say that you were a great teacher and I learned a lot not just about how to take the SAT, but any test."


- Savanna

"Thank you, Derrick Smith. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I was at the Broome High School SAT Workshop. I was the one who wanted to get a perfect score on the Math section. Well, I got it! I feel like your class really helped me understand the test better. I was pretty confident with getting a perfect score on math, but I felt like you really helped me with the reading section. My math went from 740 to 800 and my reading from 590 to 600, making my composite go from 1330 to 1460! Once again, thanks."


- James

"I just wanted to let you know I scored a 1310 on the SAT, and I am extremely happy with it! I feel like your class really helped me to raise my previous score. Thanks so much!"


- Chandler